Creative & Experienced Videography

Treetop Productions, Inc. is a multi-media company that specializes in all things video, including: DVDs, web movies and movies for smart phones and PDAs. We can help plan your project, prepare a script and arrange for a quality video shoot. We use the latest professional editing software and can make a simple project or a high-quality program for TV. We have shot in HD for years and can output on Blu-ray, DVD or compress for websites and social media.

Video stimulates emotions and makes a personal connection between you and your audience. We'll match your goals, needs and expectations with a creative style to make a powerful presentation. We can deliver your special video in many ways to share with the world. Anything we create on Blu-ray/DVD can also be emailed to your clients, friends or volunteers (and added to your website)! Please check out our website to see the power of creative video.
We can be especially beneficial to not-for-profit organizations with limited budgets.

Presented below are a couple of videos. Check out more on our Corporate page” and “Wedding Videos” page. Additionally, we produce a travel segment for a popular TV show that airs in Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, SE Missouri, NE Arkansas, Western Tennessee & Kentucky. Over the years, our crew has filmed for some of the most popular programs as seen on the Outdoor Channel, ESPN and PBS with shoots all over the US, including Alaska as well as Canada and Europe. We also produce TV commercials that can be added to your Facebook, website and other social media. Enjoy!

Abe’s River Race
Enjoy footage of the 2014 Abe’s River Race down the beautiful Sangamon River. Check out the natural treasure which is largely undeveloped as it was in Lincoln’s time when he settled at New Salem.

Civil War Reenactment TV Commercial
View a video promoting a Civil War Reenactment with exciting battle scenes and an overview of the many related activities

TV Travel Segment on the Spring River in Arkansas
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Spring River that begins as a hole in the ground where cold water emerges at a rate of 10 million gallons per hour. The result is one of the best trout fishing rivers in the country and feeds a booming tourist industry with boating, fishing, canoeing and other uses of this natural treasure.

TV Travel Segment on One of the Top Beaches in the US
Take in the breathtaking scenery and serenity at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach, Florida.

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