Creative & Experienced Videography

ach wedding video is a customized, one-of-a-kind production that captures the sights and sounds of your very special day. We use 3-4 cameras and wireless mics at our wedding shoots to get great angles and awesome sound. After a 10-12 hour day of filming at a wedding, our work just begins. Often videos take 20-40 hours to edit as we are making a TV program, mixing hundreds of shots, music, sound, graphics and titles. The end product is a two-DVD set that enables you to relive the times and people in your lives. If you want a few extra copies, no problem and no charge. Our crew never charges overtime; our rates are all-inclusive.

We are pleased that couples enjoy our work and we present just a few of the comments that they have submitted:

"We have watched the DVD a few times already and are so glad we decided to get a video. It has been such fun reliving the day! We loved that you were able to capture so many moments that we had not remembered too well. It is obvious that a lot of time went into putting it together, and we appreciate that." Andrea and Josh

"On the day of my daughter's wedding there was a lot going on and there was no way I could see and hear it all. Dan was with our families and friends the entire day and evening getting short interviews with them and of course filming the wedding ceremony and reception. His professionalism and the quality of his work combined for an amazing job of capturing the special moments of her day. We have voices that someday will be gone and little ones that will soon be grown. Those are images and sounds that you can not go back and get. I have never seen anything like's like watching a living photo album." Barb (Brianna's mom)

"My husband and I used Treetop Productions to film our wedding. It was an amazing experience. It started with great communication with a personal touch. I never once felt rushed or unhappy. Dan even came to the rehearsal to insure we would have great footage the day of our wedding! Dan felt more like family than a stranger filming our wedding. Treetop Productions had several camera angles and compiled them into a DVD of great quality that encompassed the whole day. I know with budgets being tight, many couples may forgo the videographer, but I feel that is a huge mistake. The video of our wedding is my favorite thing that we did. The day goes by so fast you miss a lot of details. Having the video has been so great to look back and watch. Treetop Productions even interviewed our family members and close friends at the reception. It was such a fun surprise when we got our DVD back. I would recommend Treetop Productions to anyone." Chelby & Matt

"We watched the videos last night. It was so much fun seeing everything again...and the things we missed first things around. You did a great job, even better than expected. My parents and Mike's parents will probably watch it tonight. I'm sure they will love them also. Thank you for everything." Susie and Mike

"We absolutely LOVED our videos! It brought many tears and laughs, as well as memories of that day! Thanks for all of the work you put into our video, we loved it. We showed it to my entire family during Christmas and everyone was just raving about it." Jennifer and David

"Dan, we LOVE the videos! They are wonderful! We love the scenery shots you took, just love everything. Thank you so much!!! Where you put the music was perfect too! " Brandy & Michael

"We absolutely love them! You did such a wonderful job. Thank you for everything." Keli & Chuck